Friday Reflection

Friday Reflection

Reflections of the week


I for one have seen People wearing funny hats in video calls, and a LOT of tips on how to work from home, creating lists might be what people are doing instead of working from home, but on the other hand… gardens all around are looking really good.


The second thing is of course all the hoarding news, people trying to wipe virus off with toilet paper, and so on…. and I also heard that Americans are hoarding ammo and there is a peak in gun license requests…I’m going to let you in on a little secret…YOU CAN’T SHOOT THE VIRUS!!!!


Besides all the stupid thing we see a lot of people talking supply chain and we soon have a general knowledge of what the bullwhip effect is. This is something people like me have tried to get others to understand for a long time and playing the beer game so that we didn’t have to play it for real as we are doing now.


On perhaps a more serious point we see big industries shutting down production which will have a massive impact on the supply chain. Lock downs is creating shortages in supply for these industries when suppliers can’t produce, we also see a shortage in of course people working.


The balance between flattening the virus spread curve and keeping the economy rolling is something we don’t have the answer to, but if you want clarity there are millions and millions of experts, just go to your favorite web browser or social media app and there they are.


Panic is seldom the way forward and these “experts” are perhaps more dangerous then the actual virus, and the curve of the spread of them don’t look promising.


So, until next week, don’t panic, be rational, try to pivot your business and help each other out…


Have a pleasant week end and good bye.