Monkey Business

Monkey Business

No value is created where you feel uncomfortable. All roles within a company is linked with activities which the employee thinks is boring. It could be administrative work that feels like necessary evil.

I use to define these activities as something you feel you could teach a monkey to do for you. The task at hand isn’t challenging and therefore little stimulating, the feeling is that the work almost is unnecessary and only takes time from more important work.

The more of this kind of work associated with a role the more time it will take and you will soon end up in a vicious circle of more and more monkey-work.

Since the work for different reasons most likely needs to be done, they will take time from work that is more developing for the business. You will keep the ship floating but you’re not getting anywhere.

If a task is monkey-work is determined by the one doing it, which mean that the same task might be described as monkey-work by one but not another.

As a leader it is of great importance to identify the monkey-work and work on how to divide this within the team along with the work on how to make the work more efficient.

Divide the work carefully, create an environment that grow personal engagement and prioritise to minimise monkey-work to create time for development.

The 80/20 rule is by my experience a good rule of thumb, no more than 20% monkey-work should be put on anyone if you want to see them produce their best work.