On meetings...

On meetings...

Meetings, meetings and meetings….do you have a hard time fitting work into you schedule?

Having a meeting can be very productive if it is done right, but most of them are not.

First off, don’t invite everyone to a meeting. My guess is that at least 50% of participants to a average meeting would just as happy to get the minutes afterwards. What they do in the meeting is then just absorbing energy.


Prepare everyone before the meeting. Make it clear what is expected of the meeting, do you need to make a decision or is it some kind of brainstorming. A clear goal for the meeting will make it more efficient. Also ask everyone to make their agenda visible for others before the meeting for preparation, that way you reduce the “I’ll have to get back to you on that” ration significantly.


Now that you are the right people meeting and you know what you are supposed to do, limit the time. Long meetings are not good meetings. Make a time plan for the agenda and then book the meeting 10 minutes earlier so you can do all the “how are you doing” before and start the meeting in time.


At the meeting make sure everyone is in the meeting, leave phones and computers outside the room (if they aren’t to be used for the purpose of the meeting). Make sure that everyone have said their peace. We are all different and there will always be someone listening in and have valuable input after processing what have been said. If these persons can’t get the word because of the most extrovert person in the room talking all the time, you will have a lesser outcome of the meeting.


So, ask yourself; do I need to have a meeting? If so, who can bring something to the table? And how long will it take.

Otherwise I think that the best place to make things happen is by the water dispenser or coffee machine.