Prisoners in new tech paradise

Prisoners in new tech paradise

“Just like prisoners in paradise
So close but yet so far
There will come a time no matter who you are
When you ask yourself was it right or wrong
For me to turn away,
But hey we’re just children of tomorrow hangin' on to yesterday”


Off course being a swede, I’ll take any chance quoting the Swedish rock band Europe but I think it describes the way we engage with new technology.


There are three types of organisations when it comes to using new technology. The first one is just like what Joey and the boys sang about. Should we or should we not invest in new technology. And the answer is almost always no. Technology is expensive and nobody else have tested it. These companies are hanging on to yesterday and have to ask themselves; was I right or wrong?


Then we have those who say yes, but not all of them have the right mind set when they do.

We have the tech-interested ones that find new technology and then try to find processes within the organisation to which they can apply the technology. They often find a more efficient solution and live happily ever after, but when it comes to ROI I think you have to drop the blinders and take the process oriented path to get the best output.


Do your homework every day. Review your processes on a regular basis and when you find that your organisation would benefit from reconstructing a process, then find a technology that can help you do that in the best way.