Sugar on top treatment is like priority boarding

Sugar on top treatment is like priority boarding

Remember that time when you turned yourself inside out to help that customer? The customer where very happy and you felt really good. To put in that extra effort once in a while is good for you and your organisation. It turns the light on areas of improvement and keeps you on your toes.

Then imagine doing that for every customer, day in and day out. Not that appealing, right?

The sugar on top treatment is like priority boarding, if you put all travelers on priority you will end up with a long line of unhappy middle age men in suits.

Before you can promise your customers that you will solve everything, you need to work with them so that they ask for what they really need. Hand them an extra cake and they will be like spoiled kids after a while. Honesty and transparency is key when it comes to customer relations.

So, educate your customers on your operations and make them understand the consequences of their actions. And for those who systematically are playing the VIP priority boarding card, kindly explain why you can’t help them and make them get in line.