The meaning of life

The meaning of life

Is there an universal calling for all humans, is this holy grail definable, measurable and can it be accepted. For many people this holy grail will become material or defined by living standards and money. If this would be true it would, for these people, be unreachable to live a completely satisfying live in many parts of the world. At the same time it could be that the people with the best prerequisites to live this life keep chasing a endless growing dream and miss what others stops and experience.

I think that the meaning of life can be defined and I think the goal can be accepted. However, I don’t think that this goal can be universally measured. To live a complete life you have to live for the moment and be joyful. The meaning of life is to be joyful and you can’t be joyful if you’re constantly chasing something else.

The satisfaction of purchasing a new gadget is short and soon it will be the next update that is looming. The satisfaction of stopping by the side of the road on the way to work to watch the sunrise is long lasting because it is connected with a feeling that can be recreated in your mind and is not by definition creating an urge for a new experience since it’s unique.

I can understand that this reasoning have shortcomings and that many people would say that the unboxing of a new phone would have the same effect, but I think it’s fundamental to see the feeling as the goal and not the phone.

To learn how to appreciate what is right now is a good start, but far from all to live a consummately life. It is a great joy in accomplish something as well. For example, if you look at a mountain climber, you could reason whether their experience is joyful. Frozen feet, a cold effect on minus 70 degrees Celsius and snow whipping your face is something to enjoy. But there is a great #satisfaction to get through, up and complete what you have set your mind on. People are driven by challenges.

Work is a big part of many peoples life and it can sometimes be hard to see the beauty in the moment and create #joy while working. We are in most cases dependent on co-workers and not least bosses. Even if a person is good in creating joy in what they do themselves , it can easily be destroyed by a boss that doesn’t know how efficiency is created. To truly feel the joy of working one must feel valued, appreciated and challenged. The challenge is important to create a joyful work environment. If you feel that you are preforming tasks, day in and day out, that you easily could teach a monkey to do, your motivation will drastically go down. Regardless of the result of your work, you will appreciate work more if you put in an effort. The more you appreciate your work the more you will strive towards a good result. Given this line of thought, a challenging work is needed to get the best result, as long as this challenge is within reach of the competence you possess. You must of course be able to fail and learn, but the task must be graspable.

If a #leader manages to create a division of labour where everyone in the group is challenged enough. Some more demanding projects, an accepted level of monkey #work, and all in all a level that demand that everyone's competences is tested. Have you then created an efficient #organisation?

To some level yes, but to create a well-oiled machine it takes more than putting all the wheels in place. Like a good cake, several ingredients is needed to get the best taste.

The challenging work #environment is the foundation for #motivation to be created. But if you don’t know why you are doing something you have no reason to perform. The team comes to work to get the pay check, which can get you somewhere, if the team is challenged it will get you on step further. But if the team can’t see the purpose the result will never be more than okay.

“People don’t buy what you do, people buy why you do it”

Why did people buy mp3 players from Apple and not from Dell? They are both computer companies, have access to the same competence to build one. We don’t buy what, we buy why. It’s all about how we communicate. Apple don’t tell us they have user friendly nice looking mp3 player. They tell us that in all they do they are challenging the status quo, they believe in thinking differently. They do that through their products that are nice looking and user friendly, They just happened to make an mp3 player.

The above is stolen from Simon Sinek, check it out it’s some good stuff.

In other words, the #team needs to understand why they do what they do. The company's visions, culture and spirit must find acceptance throughout the complete organisation. It’s not enough to understand what we do, an understanding for where in the chain we are and why the organisation exist is absolutely necessary to reach the full potential in terms of #efficiency, #creativity and #joy.

This is not selling ideas to co-workers that the boss believes in, it all comes down to that everybody needs to believe in why they do. Why should you get up in the morning, and why should anyone care?

For many companies this is a change in paradigm. To turn the focus from results and look at joy and create the foundation for motivation. If you are successful in the latter all result oriented goals can be the lighthouse in the night that make sure you are set on the right course, the results will come automatically and often faster and better. That is, at least, what I believe in.